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Brussels ISTA Festival October 2000
ISTA Festival 2001 Day 1 - Performances

Each school was invited to bring an example of their work on the theme of myth and ritual as work in progress or as a polished presentation.

The following photos are digital stills from video footage. Some files can be viewed as MPEG movies and will therefore take a little longer to download. I am happy to include more MPEG files of your school's work or from workshops. Just drop me a line by cicking on the link below:

I'd like you to include more video clips

The American School of Paris

click here to play video

The Yellow Boat

American International School of Vienna

Vienna spoof - creation myth of Bob and Steve

Ardingly College, England

A Break in Play - a look at the ritual of the 'interval'

St Julian's School, Portugal

click here to play video

click here to play video

Red, Black and Ignorant - I am the Army

This is the child my womb threw into the burning furnace of my house

The whole world screamed in derision at the Lord of Creation

I take your body into mine as a tree devouring its own fruit