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St Julian's Theatre Ensemble
Theatre Matters September 2004
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Workshop Materials
A View from the Bridge
Get Real!
Between Two Shores / After Juliet
ISTA Festival 2001
ISTA Festival 2001 Day 1 - Performances
ISTA Festival 2001 at St Julian's - theme
Red, Black and Ignorant
ISTA Philosophy
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The Tempest
The TRIAD Project
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Brussels ISTA Festival October 2000
ISTA Festival 2001

Myth and Ritual.jpg

Photos and videos

Photo Gallery - allow your mouse to hover over the pictures for captions

Cyborg and Masks in Motion workshops

Simon and Phillip (ista rep).jpg

There are cyborgs among us - video clip

Manuel and Dani in basle masks.jpg

Anthony and Caroline improvise

The Closure

Ruth and Avital lead the two separate peoples

Two tribes go to war

The goddess of language has deprived them of speech-they are lost


It was great!

We did it - and I have the t-shirt to prove it!