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ISTA Festival 2001 at St Julian's - theme

Myth and Ritual

The theme of the festival is Myth and Ritual. Schools are invited to bring presentations/performance material (maximum 15 minutes) which might demonstrate some aspect of the theme (however tenuous). Workshops will be organised to combine music, dance/movement and drama and (to a point) technology.

St. Julians High School Festival
Rituals and Myth connecting dance, drama and music.

4.30-5.00pm Welcome
5.00-6.00pm Student ensembles
Teacher meeting 1
6.00pm Dinner
Evening of performances

9.00-9.30am Full group
9.30-11.00am Student Ensembles
Teacher INSET 1
11.00am Break
11.30-12.30pm Performances
12.30-1.30pm Lunch
1.30-3.30pm Workshop 1 for teachers and students
3.30-4.00pm Break
4.00-6.00pm Workshop 2 for teachers and students
6.00pm Social evening in nearby fishing port of Cascais
11-30pm Curfew.

9.30-10.45am Ensembles
10.45-11.00am Changeover/Break
11.00-1.00pm Workshop 3 for teachers and students
1.00-2.00pm Lunch
2.00-6.00pm Ensemble time (with breaks!)
Teacher INSET 2
6.00pm Dinner
7.00pm Full group Music with Phillip Bell
8.30pm Pick up

9.00-11.30am Student Ensembles
Teacher meeting 2
11.30-11.45am Break
11.45-12.30pm Closure
12.30pm Festival finishes.

Notes for ISTA Staff:
1. Ensemble work small groups of 20 students. Creating and building the ensemble using Myth and Ritual. Much of the creative detail for this will only be decided once you are all together and have decided and agreed upon the creative thrust of the weekend. Phillip will be in touch with all of you this next week to get some ideas going.
Teacher meeting 1 Phillip to take
Ensembles Emmy, Anthony, Avital, and Ruth each one group.
2. Full Group Saturday Phillip to take. We are trying deliberately to cut down on full group work at festivals and so this half hour is to focus students and prepare for the day obviously through music!
3. Workshop slots each workshop (there are 3 slots) will last for 2 hours. We will be back in touch with you by the 8th October to finalise which workshop wed like you to do. It is likely that you will be asked to do 2 out of 3 workshops. The two will be the same ie. you will do the one workshop twice with a different group each time.
4. Things to think about - I think we should remain open to all possibilities for ensemble work so for example if two ISTA staff want to combine to do one session great. If you feel as a team that you would like Ruth to do specialist dance work with all ensembles, then you can switch for a session? All of these decisions will stem from what you as a team decide the artistic journey will be for the weekend and so this will obviously inform all choices about how ensembles are carried out and who works with who. I do think some continuity is good for ensemble groups but I also know that team teaching and having a new ensemble leader (albeit for an hour) can also be really dynamic.
A big consideration of course is the final closure. We are guarding this year against entirely product driven work. ISTA festivals are about process and this must be respected. Somehow the first challenge for you is to come up with an idea that enables some kind of work to be shown or some kind of closure to happen which must reflect the quality of the work from the weekend. Quick improvs are not what we are looking for here. The festival needs to remain process based with a quality sharing of something to close the weekend. It could be a ritual or a myth or work in progress, or one ensemble group teaching something to the rest of the group. Above all, this experience needs to be meaningful and of quality. While I think about it heres a list of possible endings to festivals that the council came up with in May:

Some ideas for the final closure/celebration..

Small groups leading rest of group
Promenade theme
Lighting/sound crew
Site specific public location/street theatre
Choral work
Structured performance
Large game
Rehearsed performance
Improvised performance
Writing perform written material
Making something
Consider different Types of presentation
Starting points

This is by no means definitive but may just spark off some ideas.