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Brussels ISTA Festival October 2000
How to become a St Julian's Theatre Ensemble Patron

I have read the information about St Julians School and ISTA. I am interested in becoming a Patron. What do I do about it?

Basically it's quite simple. You donate 50 Euros to the St Julians Theatre Ensemble. It has been responsible for producing A Midsummer Nights Dream, the Wizard of Oz and the Arts Festival in 1999 and Girlfriend in a Coma, Savage/Love, The Crucible and an even bigger Arts festival in 2000. We also produced The Tempest at the beginning of the school year in 2000/2001 and performed at the British School of Brussels at the end of last year. So far we have attended festivals in Vienna and in Brussels (twice) and this year hosted our very own festival bringing together the American School of Paris, Ardingly College, England, Southbank International School (London), International School of Geneva, the American International School of Vienna, and the American School of Madrid.  St Julian's Theatre Ensemble performed Red, Black and Ignorant by Edward Bond from his War Trilogy.  The ensemble was so confident after its success that welcomed a student directed production of Between Two Shores  and A hard-hitting production of Sharman Macdonald's After Juliet.  We are currently preparing 30 performance pieces for this year's Arts Festival.

What will my donation be used for?
Your donation will help to provide funds to subsidise the visits to international festivals, help towards paying for productions and maintaining the quality of the arts festivals at the school. We are very grateful to Paul Preston, Lever, The British Council, Mr Clive Brooks, Mr and Mrs Goncalo Vaz Pinto, Florida Grafica, Speakwell, amongst others for their generous patronage of our work.

What will I get in return?
Your patronage will be highly valued. You will receive a newsletter informing you of upcoming events. Before (or after, depending on dates) the High School ISTA festival there will be a pre-festival Preview. You will receive a packet containing

two tickets for the show
a receipt for the donation with an official school stamp
a letter of thanks signed by all St Julians Theatre Ensemble members
a cover letter explaining the preview evening
a free drinks voucher

Your name will be on all advertising for the shows and in programmes for the various productions we will be organising this year

You've persuaded me. What do I do now?

Fill in the form available at Secondary Reception at St Julians School and make cheques payable to St Julians School. Alternatively you can write to us using the link below and we will send you an online form to fill in. You will receive a receipt and a welcome letter.

Thank you for your patronage!

I'd like to become a patron of St Julian's Theatre Ensemble. Please send me a form!