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St Julian's Theatre Ensemble


Between Two Shores / After Juliet
COSI by Louis Nowra
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Red, Black and Ignorant
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Vienna ISTA Festival, 1999
Brussels ISTA Festival October 2000
GCSE Drama
School Code of Conduct

The School Code of Conduct

As the school values respect
co-operation and
responsibility for ones actions

it naturally follows that we must all endeavour to
be considerate
be punctual
be respectful of the environment we live in
be respectful of the dignity and worth of each person
work to the best of our abilities in all things

Health and Safety

Always act so as to promote your own and others welfare. Be aware that smoking seriously damages health and that misuse of drugs or alcohol can be fatal.

Never do anything which would put yourself or others needlessly in danger
You must not bring anything to school which is harmful to yourself or others. Alcohol, drugs, dangerous implements/weapons, tobacco and anything else which common-sense dictates harmful, have no place at St Julians.
Smoking is not permitted for any student at school on school visits, activities, Carcavelos station platform, nor when walking to and from the station.